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Despite regularly posting on Facebook, it took weeks for their ‘storage specialist’ to call.
We agreed a deal for a unit to be delivered to us, only to receive a call at 8pm the day before delivery demanding we pay an extra £200 as he had misquoted delivery fees and if we didn’t, the unit would not be delivered.
The day of delivery we woke to over 7inches of snow. We called the salesman in the morning to report road conditions were horrendous, he advised to still expect the unit.
The delivery driver quickly concluded it was not safe to attempt delivery and suggested he returned the next day. At 8pm that evening the salesman called and said that as we had refused delivery, we had to pay an extra £300 re-delivery fee, again if we did not pay we would not receive the unit. He denied our earlier conversation warning against the road condition took place, and said that we should have cleared the whole street of snow to ensure that delivery could take place!
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