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Gleaming Cleaning
Leicester | Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners
Brilliant, Mark is such a professional and the carpets look pristine. thank you so much
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Unknown | Unknown
My dog was only here 4 nights and came back with pressure sores all over his legs -when I visited and insisted seeing where he slept it was a concrete cold floor (wet with bleach) he was also so thirsty when home and I usually have to force water down his neck. There were no bowls in the kennel when I saw. Heartbroken - she took my money ok though .
22 Sep 2014
Also his bed I left was set through smelled of wee my dog NEVER wees unless he is walked! She said his bed got wet one night which is what caused his sores! Rubbish! How can sores occur after one night or even 4 days?? Because he isn't walked and on a concrete hard floor that's why. Disgusting treatment.
31 Mar 2016
No wonder you are an EX.. You vile woman...
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