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Initial consultation good but aftercare shocking.
Initially I was impressed with my consultation. However the aftercare was shocking when we had some complications with the new medication. The vet suddenly left. When I requested another appointment, I had another patronising vet call me and basically blamed me for everything I could possibly be blamed for despite having gone to another vet for 3 years without any concern. Yes i did go against advice but i standby my view it was what was needed when they wouldnt just give me an appointment. Due to work, i am limited in the appointments that i can attend. Having booked a weekend appointment it was cancelled by patronising vet who said blood test could only be done during the week. Would not mind but he hadn't even seen my dog and i could not make appointment offered. Then he got the owner to call and suggest i was refusing to bring my dog in! I was so shocked that this is what you get when you need to pay at least £150 a month in treatment fees.
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