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Debbie Lowdon Driver Training
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Amazing, easygoing, relaxing and enjoyable
I can't recommend Debbie Lowdon driving school enough! Having tried with Lord previously I had found myself dreading driving lessons. Yet sat in Peter's car for just 15 minutes I already felt completely at ease. Peter made a real effort to make me feel comfortable in the car and we very quickly got on like 2 peas in a pod. The pacing of the learning was completely on my terms, I wasn't rushed through the process or dragged out to try and get money out of me, instead I was able to decide when I felt ready to take my test and thanks to Peter I passed 1st time. DL is apparently specially aimed at hesitant/anxious drivers and I couldn't agree more, if you're a little scared about driving then please go to DL first! I can honestly say that the most stressful part of driving lessons was crossing the road to get to the pickup point! Peter is an absolute gem and while I'm happy to have passed I'm actually missing driving lessons because they were so relaxed and enjoyable.Thanks so much Peter!
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