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Thank you for my tarot reading
He read the tarot cards for me,so very accurate with what he said,I also asked him about my late mother and he was talking to her straight away,i said i wish i could see her one more time and he looked at me and smiled ,he made a spell and ,i still do not believe my eyes know because i have herd of materialization but Steve did it with my mother ,i do remember a sweet sickly smell i the air ,And proof of the afterlife my mother lost a very expensive ring before she past over we had all thought it had been lost or stolen but i asked her a question and she told me where it was,I went back to the old house after seeing Steve to check and the ring was hidden and i have it know ,i was so impressed with Steve i recommended him to some friends and they where equally impressed ,Steve i do not know what to say but thank you are such a good person,and very calming ,and thank you for Jill my friend ,you have change health from bad to good,thanks
04 Apr 2017
My pleasure to help ,.,.,
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