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Unknown | Unknown
Great Location, good food, would go again
A really nice venue in a cool part of Covent Garden, felt less touristy than i thought it would be around this area.The place had a good atmosphere about it. The bar downstairs was quite nice too.
The food was good. We had the 2 courses and half bottle of wine for £19.95 offer, which seemed very good value for money for the food we ate.
Service was quick, and courteous. Would go again.
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Bellybusters Takeaway
Farnborough | Takeaway Food
Good kebab
This place is a nifty little takeaway. There's plenty of parking outside so its easy to stop by order, and dart off in a few minutes.

It's handy for when you're after a quick kebab fix in a hurry.

You can get a medium donner kebab here for £4.80, and it is a huge portion. You get loads of meat and that's topped off with any of the salads of your choice.

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The Crooked Billet
Hook | Pubs
Nice little family pub
This pub is located on the A30 between Hartley Witney and Basingstoke.

Its got quite a large dining area and plenty of seating outdoors too. There's a kiddie playground to keep the children entertained. It feels like a very family friendly pub.

There's a really nice real log fire in the pub which was burning while we were there.

The food was pretty decent. They have a standard menu a a well populated specials board.

On Sunday's they do full roast dinners.

There is a car park to make access easy.
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Pizza Co
Manchester | Pizza Delivery & Takeaway
Best pizza in town... 2am. I'm trying to think how much money i must have spent in here on late night pizzas after a night out. Its probably quite shocking and might even been the GDP of a small country!

This place is open till god knows when - it's just always open when you need it to be.

You can get a pizza in a hurry here. There's a small amount of seating.

Obvioulsy the pizzas are good - hence the multiple return visits. They are normally thin crusted and topped up well.

Expect drunk students in the early hours of the morning, but actually they are normally on good form as they are more hungry than anything else.

There is a bit of a pizza war on Oxford Road between Pizza Co and Babylons (only two doors down)

Pizza Co wins for me every day (or night) of the week
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B Lounge
Manchester | Bars & Wine Bars
First Pub
I believe this is the first pub you come across when leaving Picadilly Train station walking in towards town.

It's actually a worth while stop. I've been in here for lunch and its a good alternative if you don't fancy the station Burger King.
Not to mention you can get a pint in here too.

Its nicely decorated, with a clean look about it.

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Manchester | Italian Restaurants
Good food...but....
This place gets very busy and I've heard sometimes its difficult to even get a reservation a week in advance.

I went here on Valentines day with my girlfriend. Her boss had a reservation and cancelled so we took his place.

Our reservation wasnt until 9.30pm and so my appetite wasnt all there. We ordered some pizzas which were really good. I think they are cooked in a genuine clay oven.

It did feel like you were on a conveyor belt and they were rushing you a little. Perhaps they were tyring to get the next booking in, but it just felt a bit like we were being ushered out the door.

Perhaps go during the week when its not so busy. I would recommend on that basis as I did enjoy the food.
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Opus One
Manchester | Bistros
Excellent drinks and dinner
This is the Radisson hotel bar/restaurant.

The room is amazing. The roof is really high and they have these amazing hanging chandelier type lights - worth seeing.

You can sit up at the bar and sup on some cocktails. They are made well and fairly quickly too. They will serve you at your table if you want.

The restaurant falls into another category. Its not just for hotel guests, but you'll find allot of non-guests eating here because it has a great reputation.

its reputation is well deserved, the food is indeed very good. So i would highly recommend coming here for a drinking and dining experience.
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This business is no longer on Yell
Unknown | Unknown
Summer hotspot
There's a huge outdoor area out the back which gets packed out in the summer, as its an amazing hotspot.

The bar itself it spread over two levels. The top level includes the outdoors areas and so feels quite big. They have floor to ceiling glass walls, so it feels very bright an bubbly.

Downstairs is quite large and this is where the toilets and dancefloor can be found. If you come in at night, the music in here is pretty good and you could end up having a good few drinks here.

They dont normally charge to get in, so a good option to the other bars in the area that do charge.
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Tiger Tiger
Manchester | Traditional Restaurants
Awesome Club, not so great Restaurant
I'm giving this a highly recommended review for the student nights they put on. Unquestionably one of the best in Manchester. The girls and guys all get dressed up to come here.
I've had many unforgettable nights in here. Also had many nights i've forgotten in here.

There are lots of bars around the venue, so getting a drink is fairly easy with low waiting times. There are also a number of different themed rooms. I love the canadian looking room. Its very cosy and you feel like you need to be brought your pipe and slippers!

Sometimes they have bands on in the main lounge room, which are normally very good.

If you go in at the weekends expect a slightly different crowd, and slightly more attitude.
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Penta Hotel Reading
Reading | Hotels & Inns
Nice bar, but attracts late visitors
I stayed here after a Christmas party in Reading last year. I would say i ended up queuing for about 15 minutes to get checked in - but I'll maybe put that down to it being Christmas and perhaps they were busier than normal.

The hotel rooms are well equipped and certainly met my needs and standards i was expecting. The room was clean, tidy and well maintained.

I ended up coming into the hotel bar later that night. I loved the seating - lots of leopard and cow print type sofas.

Nice american pool table and a Wii to amuse yourself. Its never really too busy either during the day.

Only downside here was the bar didn't seem to be exclusively for hotel guests and people were coming in off the street for more drinks. These shouldn't have been allowed in. Again maybe they were part of some Christmas party at the hotel, but i ended up witnessing a couple of fights.
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