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Credits regarding support!

I want to give Luke Fitzimons my credits regarding the support I've been given from him!

After the UTP-course all the information was a little bit of a "mess", and I had problems with sorting out the strategy. Since I am from Norway the language was a slightly challenge as well. There was a lot of expression, blue/red/black-lines, "three letters abbreviations", projections and so on to understand.

Luke has taken me from a being "confused" to having a certain understanding of the strategy, and in which order of the different "things" come in.

I've provided a lot (and I am really meaning a LOT) of print screens to Luke - which he answers with his corrections! And as you know - "A picture tells more than a thousand words"! He is always responds quickly to my e-mail.

Looking forward to getting the full and complete understanding with the help from Luke! :)

Finally I have the prerequisite to become a consistent trader!

Best Regards
Harald Helgheim, Norway
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