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I had appt for my roots normally I'm a golden blonde colour. When finished both owners agreed it looked "lovely" but the truth was that the tint used changed my hair to a dull mousy blond. I waited a few days to wash it, no difference then washed again so went in person to have a chat. Only the other owner Jamie was in, we had a chat and she agreed it would be corrected by original woman in 2 days when less busy. I clarified there wouldn't be any problem and she agreed my hair would be lightened but by woman who did it originally (reasonable)I'm skipping the ridiculous patronising conversation on arrival but was told first "you'll have to be charged again"
"nothing wrong with the actual colour"
"you should have said you were unhappy at the time" blah blah A rehearsed speech done deliberately to unnerve me like a child being "scolded" and I quickly realised I was not only being charged again but being reprimanded in the process. Two words spring to mind - deceitful and pompous
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Domestic Appliance House
Dundee | Appliance Repairs
Shop looked open but was closed
As the lights were on and shutters up I took my vacuum out the car crossed over a busy road but shop was closed. I tried later too on 5th January 2018. No notice on window to say when it would be open. There's a lack of choice in Dundee since the repair place in B/F shut so I'll be back. Just a bother traipsing heavy stuff when all it takes is a notice displaying opening hours/days closed over Xmas/New Year. I like the reviews so I'm sure it'll be great once I actually get to drop the vacuum off
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