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still fixing the errors
Where do i start, is it all the leaks from the taps? is it the poor finishing, is it the damage to nearly everything that was fitted, is it the taps plumbed in the wrong way round? is it all the money i have had to spend to put stuff right? is it the tiles put on incorrectly?
Unfortunately there was conflict early on in the project, however i persisted to get the project completed, my mistake! i dreaded coming home every night to find out what had happened/gone wrong this time.
I can honestly say i have never had so much hassle with a project, and what should have taken about 3 weeks is now up to nearly 9 as i try and finish off......... I'm still trying to stop the leak around the shower tray.
08 Nov 2017
This is very surprising, possibly a mistake?? The plumbing works have absolutely nothing to do with us. Mr and Mrs Curtis hired the plumbers themselves. I will try to upload pictures of the finished job so potential customers can judge for themselves. The work we quoted for was completed in 4 weeks and to a great standard.
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