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Wish I could have had a positive experience
I hate writing reviews like this- but after months of thinking , I cannot ignore it in good conscience .
Themes Inc do have amazing stock and are said to be a great company but our time was not.

We were going to have our wedding reception in Glastonbury, but due to the pandemic, forced to Cancel by the owners of those businesses . This meant I also had the horrible task of cancelling my themes order.

When I spoke to the owner ,he was not happy ( understandably) but when he replied with ‘ why should my business take a hit because you’ve cancelled’ - was a step too far .

We did not want to cancel , but were forced to by government legislation due to the pandemic .

As a gesture of good will he refunded a percentage of what we paid but kept some for himself saying quote ‘ I’ve already done some work getting things ready.’

So PLEASE get wedding insurance when dealing with companies like this - not every company will honour the governments legislation on covid cancellations.
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