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Very rude owner and a stressful experience before my wedding
The owner was rude several times. Over the phone to my mum when she asked for a quote. Then when we came for the bridesmaids fitting, she told me to come back 2 weeks before with one bridesmaid as she was pregnant and my other bridesmaid specifically asked for high straps but the owner said it wasn't necessary. When we returned to collect the 1 dress, it needed altering as the straps were not high enough (funnily enough) and chest was on show. The worker accepted this but when we came to collect the dress a few weeks later the owner was there and accused me of being 'demanding and picky' and refused to alter my pregnant bridesmaids' dress unless someone else was present to witness what I had agreed due to my 'pickiness'. It wasn't possible as my other bridesmaid was a nurse and it was 2 weeks before the wedding so time was against us. She reluctantly agreed to alter the dress IF I took photos of it pinned on my pregnant bridesmaid. Luckily I didn't use this company for my own dress!
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