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Miracles do happen
Pain can be debilitating, cause depression, lack of sleep and a loss of hope that it will ease. Three weeks ago I damaged muscles in my back and was at this stage. Movement was impossible without searing pain yet movement was necessary, I was told, to alleviate it. Strong painkillers gave some release for maybe an hour.
I was almost at the point of accepting this was to be my future – pain when moving and accepting restrictions. Then I came for treatment – a combination of massage, pressure cups and acupuncture. Preparing myself for a long course of treatment I was astounded by the results after just one session. Within two days my pain had totally gone. I could not believe it. I was anticipating some rapid regression but it did not happen. Now I cannot get the song “I believe in miracles” out of my head. Thank you so much – you have given me back my mojo
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