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Wonderful Doula Experience
Had a wonderful experience with Renee as a doula for our second birth. She has a calm confident aura and you feel like you are in control and in charge of your birth (Which you are!). Our first birth experience (without Renee) was a bit traumatic and I was very scared for the second. I felt that I needed someone in the delivery room who knew me, knew birth, knew the medical stuff and could facilitate communications between us. Renee filled all of these. The hypnobirthing training kept me calm, and Renees presence enabled me to focus on my breathing and birthing the baby. My husband was worried that a doula would take control and start making decisions that we ours to make. Not at all! Renee is there to support you and help make your voice heard in the medical field so you are aware of any procedures and understand their purpose. Needless to say my second birth was a very calm and beautiful experience. Almost makes me want to have another baby, knowing how good it can be!
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