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Top Signal Service
London | Aerial Services
Clean and tidy install. Knowledgeable team. Would certainly use again.
Tom and Aaron from Top Signal Service arrived bang on time when they said they would. They worked quickly and very professionally, taking great care over their work. There was a few issues finding the right cables in our attic to connect to, but after a bit of testing they quickly diagnosed the problem and had everything connected and working. The dish installation on the side wall of the house is in the perfect position and there’s absolutely no sight of cables which is exactly what we wanted. Excellent install. Clearly know their stuff. Highly recommended.
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D M E Bath Ltd
Bath | Central Heating Services
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I can't recommend this company. We called on their services back when the weather was freezing and we had snow in Feb/Mar 18. We have only just had the boiler completed and the invoices sent over (Jul 18). This appears to be due to the company favoring the commercial side of the market, rather than residential and domestic repairs and installations. We were very much lower on their priority list and not given clear dates and times to work around. They were constantly on other bigger jobs. I would suggest finding an alternative company that can dedicate their time, be clear on when to expect them, to complete the installation and not leave it partly complete and to invoice you in a suitable amount of time. This job has taken the best part of 5 months, just to diagnose an old boiler as defunct and install a new boiler! I'm sure that other companies could achieve the same result in far less time.
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