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Poor Service. Very poor experience and will not return.
I went to Halfords last week for three items, engine oil, transmission fluid and spark plugs. On getting there the young person manning the door looked at my list and walked away, not long there after another member of the team appeared glanced at my list and barked at me that with a list as long as my three items I should be ordering via the internet. He was rather rude and unhelpful. This is the second time this has happened to me at this branch. In response I said to him that if it was too much trouble for him I would go else-where. However he barked back that he would get me the stuff on this occasion, but in future I should go online. I hate shopping online or have anything to do with computers. In any case he was only able to offer me the engine oil and transmission fluid.
So Halfords. not only will I not go back to your store during lock down but I will never go back to your store, there's many other companies out there who would be keen for the business I'm sure.
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