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I'm so grateful for this company. Malek and Tom are the two electricians who have completed work in my York city centre flat. Every time they have visited my flat they have done excellent work quickly, fixed the work of previous electricians who did not have their skills, explained everything, been right on time, communicated excellently about what time they would arrive, carried heavy tools from far away carparks without complaint even though that's difficult, did stellar excellent work, and left the space spotless. They always go above and beyond. And when the invoice comes it's always so reasonable and so fair, a relief. Until I found this company my heart sank everytime I needed an electrician, but since Full Circuit has been available, it's not a worry anymore. This company in my experience is totally trustworthy. I recommend them so highly. The women who answer the phone and schedule appointments are also lovely, very professional and friendly. What a great company!
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