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Wouldn't Bother Applying to Manucomm, Their Not Recruiters
A terrible agency; they , like most recruitment agencies fail to do their job. When you send your CV to a recruitment agency, whether it is for a specifically advertised role or on a speculative basis the agency should respond in the same way, first they should contact you to discuss your CV and the jobs they have, if it's then agreed the existing roles are unsuitable for you then they should do what they are in business to do and that is find YOU the right job. They should contact businesses that they know use people with your background/skillset etc. Recruiters should not just be reacting to the roles they have, they should be proactively promoting You and you should demand they do. If you submit your CV to any agency, and Manucomm in particular don't wait for them to ring you to discuss your skills etc, ring them, because hell will probably freeze over before Manucomm do you the courtesy of calling you. MANUCOMM, CANDIDATES ARE CUSTOMERS TOO, SERVICE THEM AND RESPECT THEM!!
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