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Colonic experience with Ruth.
If you are considering a colonic then please visit Ruth!! I thought about it for a long time and now I’ve had multiple colonics with her I wish I’d had them sooner. From a complete sugar, chocolate and fizzy drink addict to a water drinking, healthy eater. Ruth put me at ease as soon as I met her and made me feel comfortable and welcome. I was suffering with low energy, bloating and gas on a daily basis and non regular bowel movements. After the first treatment I felt lighter, energised and my cravings for sugary foods and drinks had disappeared. I went to bed feeling good and woke up feeling ready for the day. It’s amazing what a colonic can do for you and Ruth is the best person to visit. If you are unsure please don’t be, without sounding dramatic it’s changed my whole outlook on what I put inside my gut. Thank you Ruth!
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