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Took my first car there a couple of years ago for an aircon regas. When i collected it they said they filled it up but all the gas escaped straight away. They tried some blue dye in it and that there was a big leak in my condenser so i would need a new one. They "waived" the fee for the dye but charged me full price for the aircon regas as "they had to charge me for the refrigerant used".

Fast forward a year to when i know more about cars and think about sorting out my air con. Bought myself a new condenser and fitted it myself, only to find out the original condenser had no leak, but the pipe was incorrectly inserted and part of the oring was sticking out. it was a £2 and 5 minute fix. Turns out its also illegal to fill a known leaking car with refrigerant. They should have pressure checked it first, then done the dye to find the leak and saved breaking the law by filling a leaking aircon system.
Would not recommend.
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