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N B Kingston
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Friendly but not-experienced
I have a lot of experience in having my nails done at various salons, and I take pride in keeping my nails in good shape. Due to my usual salon being closed early, I booked at Nails Boutique. I was greeted by very friendly staff, but my nails were pretty much tortured by the technician.

I had had a Shellac Manicure 3 weeks previously, so my cuticles and surrounding skin were not in a particularly bad way. However my cuticles (or what I had of them) were pushed back with such force it made me wince. My skin around my nails was also pulled at way too much than what was necessary - so I ended up with live skin being cut at - and quite a bit of blood!

At first I didn't mind too much, as I know that using these instruments can accidentally cut at the skin - however a good 5 days on and i still have large sores around my nails. I have written a review, because there are certainly much better salons to go to with more experienced staff and in hindsight I wish I had gone elsewhere.
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