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Wonderful ; kind, caring and thorough vet.
Mr Wood is an excellent vet who is sensitive to owners and animals alike.
We have been a customer of his for 20+ years and he has seen many of our cats come...and go :(

When there was the Greenwood chain the main hospital was in Uxbridge - and our cat was there and it was clear he wasn't going to make it. Mr Wood drove over and gave him his final treatment - it meant so much to us, regardless of how sad it was.

I have had to use Goddards in an emergency unfortunately - and their prices are frightening ; maybe 2 to 4 times what you would expect at Greenwood's. More interested in the money than anything else - the receptionists are well versed in swiping credit cards etc before any attention is given to any animal in an emergency. And when you do get any treatment they use tricks like only administering 24 hours worth of antibiotics, whilst charging you for what another centre would charge for a 2 week course.
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