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Cupar Motorcycles
Cupar | Motorcycle and Scooter Dealers
Waste of time.
I visited yesterday, 02/08/2021, after driving up with a friend from Falkirk with a view to buying a brand new GSXR Thou, 1 minute after getting inside the showroom I was asked if I had a mask. I responded politely by saying that I didn't and that I was exempt and was told it didn't matter and I was to leave.

I did say that I could show them proof but was told it didn't matter and I had to leave and get outside.

I have bought from them before years ago, in fact I bought my first Fireblade from them but safe to say I'll never buy again with these guys.

The worst treatment I've ever had from a bike dealer in my life.
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Sheffield | Garage Services
Absolutley terrible
Car dropped off and two days later he contacts to basically tell me some story he had lost the keys and alarm fob to my pride and joy.Saying his car had been robbed. I checked with the cops and they knew nothing of this.Meanwhile he calmly requested to just send my spare keys and alarm fob to him, completely matter of fact. I did so but under duress,I was told this conversion would take “2 weeks” as I left next morning for the train home. It ended up taking months .Just some examples of his dreadful workmanship:6 missing bolts in the gearbox housing, dangerous wiring,missing nuts/bolts loose everything work not done and charging full whack for supposed high quality parts that turned out to be cheap eBay parts at a tenth of the price. Anybody that would like absolute proof of my claims is more than welcome to get in touch and I’ll provide them with all the irrefutable evidence. Pics,independent reports, video evidence and links to others he has ripped off.

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UP2You Mobiles
Liverpool | Mobile Phone Repairs
Highly recommended.
I have used this business for years and cannot recommend it highly enough.

The staff are extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and their turn around with repairs and diagnostics would put companies 10 times the size to shame.

Additionally their prices are more than competitive to say the least.

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Lone Wolf High Performance Training
Falkirk | Health Clubs
A real world true all round functional gym with knowledgeable and passionate instructors. At last!
I have known Craig, Gillian and Fiona for some time now but predominately Craig, I can also say that they are PT's of true integrity unlike 99% of the deluded others out there with their outlandish claims with no real substance.

One look inside this gym and you can see that it is built with true purpose and for getting real world results, nothing is there to look good or because some guy on a forum claims it's a must have as again is all too often these days.

This is a true gym for all round conditioning, functional strength, hard work and able to address multiple clients needs and goals.

Craig, who I assume is head PT is quite simply the most knowledgeable and passionate PT I have met and known in at least a decade. The gym and his attitude reflects this throughout.

Very friendly and personal atmosphere which is sadly missing in the entire "scene" now, but it's obvious the team there try to counter this and anyone and everyone is welcome.
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