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You can't have dessert..
A week ago I went to this restaurant with a friend of mine. I have visited the restaurant before, but not on a Friday night.
From the second we got in, we felt that the waiters were stressing a lot to get us out early. We quickly decided for a dinner and a bottle of wine, and we were served right after. We did not get those free popadums that I usually have gotten in Indian Restaurants in London, but it didn't matter to much really.

The annoying bit was that the waiters were hanging over us ALL the time,- and in the end we just let them take our food before we had finished. We did eat fast as well!

Since we still had a half of bottle with wine left, we did not feel like dessert straight away. I politely asked if we could just wait, and I would rather ask them when we were ready. But after 7 TIMES (!) of asking within the next 10 minutes, we said they could just take the menu. One of the waiters seemed mad we were not hungry yet, and acted rudely towards us. Some people on the table next to us did also notice how rude they were, and did just shake their heads. The other table next to us, a couple trying to have a romantic dinner, ended up beeing quite mad because of the bad service towards them as well.

Two times the waiters did "mistakenly" put a bill on our table as well.

We decided to have a quick dessert before heading to town (despite all), and I asked for the menu. Two seconds later another waiter comes over and say, "this table is reserved". I said, "So we can't order dessert than"? He said "no". So I said "well, I guess we will have to pay then". He said "yes", and ran getting our bill. To be honest, I have never in my entire life not given the included 10% tip, but we really felt very not welcome in this restaurant, and the service was really bad.

The absolute worst restaurant experience we have ever had.
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