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Down In My Soul
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Perfect Art of a Goddess
I have the most beautiful piece of art thanks to Vicky.

Her unique vision, encaptures both the vivid lines and colours of a modern world and a carefree softeness and insight into energy. The piece is striking as to say beautiful but also very calming and gives me a sense of knowing inside, as if this strong reflection is realised as you look to her, in fact myself, gazing back at me with a gllint to say everything is just fine.

She reminds me very much that my shadow is my friend, my baby and also me.

I love the way Vicky is brave to use such striking colours and I can feel the movement in the whites, as her mind sparkles through the deep indigos.

Vicky has many great pieces, but somehow she managed to create for me a piece that was perfectly matched and I am forever grateful for.
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