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Steve you really are a powerful witch
I have been having relationship problems,and split with my partner over a another woman,i thought it was over ,but i still love him,Steve was recommended to my by my best friend,who Steve had helped with health problems,which was a success ,so i thought i would ask him to help me,He done a spell for me,and said some words,i did notice some white lights above his head,which was a bit weird ,but he did a love and relationship spell,3 weeks later my partner is well and truly back with me,i do not believe in this sort of thing usually,but i have changed my mind,or can i say Steve has changed my mind ,he is a very good and understanding person,and and i don"t know how you measure a witch ,but i would think he must be at the top of the tree,many thanks Steve ,if you have a problem and you cannot solve it yourself ,i bet he can .
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