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Layla's Progress
I sent my Granddaughter to Carol, with a view to Grammar School admission, even though it was fairly obvious from the beginning that she was not really Grammar School material; she failed the exam by 10%. However, I wanted to teach her 'academic rigor', so persevered with the tuition for a full 12 months. Considering her 'chaotic' home life, and the fact that she was up to 11 months younger than many of the other candidates, her weekends and holidays are always spent with us, so we taught her 'middle class values', making her more ambitious than her many siblings. Layla was offered a place at Our Lady's Catholic College, even though the family is not Catholic. On her first day at the school, she was placed into the top sets for all subjects. Thanks Carol; a great result.
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Balmoral Building & Groundworks
Morecambe | Builders
A Job Well Done
Michael Dunne will quote you a price for the whole job, as opposed to an hourly rate; that way you don't get them 'dragging it out'. He starts early, and puts his back into it. The man works like a Trojan ,and I was amazed at how quickly and effectively he works, and won't 'rip you off'. I paid £300 to have an overgrown area completely cleared leaving nothing but soil. There was a lot of junk to clear, and he filled an 8 Ton skip to the top, to give you some idea of the volume to be cleared. Michael even cleaned up the paving slabs, including those that had been 'unearthed', at the conclusion of the work. It took 2 days to complete....2 very full days. Someone else may have taken 3 or 4 days. It would have taken me all week. I can thoroughly recommend this chap, and as his business is in its infancy, and is striving to build a good reputation locally, you won't be disappointed. Balmoral gets my vote.
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