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Scarz & Barz
Ipswich | Body Piercing
I’ve had multiple piercings done here and had an brilliant experience every time. The staff are friendly and professional. Would defineltly recommend
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Charlene Nail Bar
Ipswich | Nail Technicians
Bleeding finger, VERY disappointed!
As soon as we walked in there was an awkward and anti sociable atmosphere. When looking at the nail colours there was a very small selection. When cutting down my nails on one finger, the lady went so far down that she pinched my skin. The lady who was working on me was very rough and whole way through and was watching something on her phone with wireless earphones in instead of looking at what she’s was doing! After I told her she was hurting me with the electric nail she carried on being just as rough and ended up shaving of a layer of my skin which made my finger bleed, and then put some kind of liquid on the injury without asking if was okay, this caused even more pain. I have 2 wonky nails. She did not ask how long I wanted the nails, trimmed the first nail and held up my finger while giving me a look to ask if the length was okay so I just said yes even though I would have liked them longer-it was too late now! Revived no apology the injury either. Would not go again!
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