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Idnan Deen (Appleman Legal ) excellent , efficient and effective lawyer with passion to make change
My name Is Aakash Odedra , by profession I am a dancer /choreographer which means I am out of the country and on the road most of the time. it was difficult to find someone who would be able to take on my case (child abduction) to retrieve my children back in to the British jurisdiction. other Lawyers I had approached where unable to take on the case without meeting with me person. Mr Idnan Deen was incredible ,professional ,extremely efficient .I spoke to mr Deen on the phone on the Friday and by Monday we were already in court! and within a week I had my court order to bring my kids back from Australia. Mr Deen's knowledge and understanding of the law was so extensive and thorough with a complete regard for every detail. I found him to be extremely honest non superficial or partial but practical and passionate about the job he had undertaken. Mr Deen was on call 24 hours and answered my every quarry regardless of the hour. I am extremely grateful for what he has made possible
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