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GreenThumb Lawn Treatment Service (Vale of Gloucester) - Easier than treating it yourself!
We renewed our lawns '02, buying 'off the shelf' products to treat them, buying the 100m2 pack using nearly all of it as I couldn't run fast enough, overdosing our 50m2 lawns in the process.
My parents introduced me to GreenThumb Lawn Treatment Service, my local team being Vale of Gloucester operated by Grant Drury.
Grant carried out our first treatment 21st March 2007, which included the Spring treatment and a Leather Jacket treatment - the larvae of the Crane Fly (Daddy Long Legs).
Over the years, his colleagues, Ian and Chris would also treat our lawns, whether it be Spring, early summer, late summer or the Autumn feed, sometimes the leather jacket treatment. Access to our rear lawn whilst I was at work meant I would leave them with a key, on completion they would re-secure our property and put the key with the invoice through our letterbox.
Payment is easy, you can pay the operative on the day by cash / cheque, 'phone the Gloucester office paying by card or by Bank Transfer.
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Colourcrete Ltd
Cheltenham | Paving and Driveways
Colourcrete Gloucester
This is going to be a long winded review but it will give you a good indication of Colourcrete Limited.

Having seen what happens to tarmac in the heat of summer and motorcycles on side / main stand and the relaying of brick pavia with re-sanding and weeding between the bricks over the years, I wanted something to replace our old and tired concrete driveway.

Whilst visiting Hurrans Garden Centre on Cheltenham Road East, Churchdown (now a Tesco store) we came across the Cotswold Colourcrete display, we agreed that this was something we both liked and arranged for a quotation for the driveway and front door step to be replaced, Alistair Cole gave us a quotation on 1 September 2008. I will admit it was a lot more than we could justify in spending at the time, but over the next six years, I was paying close attention to their work whenever I saw their logo stamped in the concrete.

Many years later, I again contacted Colourcrete and arranged for another quotation on Saturday 1 February 2014, this time the driveway, path and step would consist of a larger area than before. Alistair quoted for the front as previously mentioned and rear of the property consisting of a pathway around the perimeter of the garden, leading to a wide sun lounge strip and a large circular table area. Six days later, we signed the paperwork and paid our 10% deposit.

Colourcrete started by removing the rear garden low wall and pathways on a rainy Thursday, 29 May 2014, prepping it ready for the following week.

Monday 2 June, The rear paths were shuttered and prepped ready for the concrete.

Tuesday 3 June, The driveway, path and step were removed.

Wednesday 4 June, The driveway, path & step were shuttered and prepped ready for the concrete.

Thursday 5 June, the concrete had been laid, imprinted and coloured to our specifications.

Friday 6 June, the crack control joints were cut in strategic places.

Saturday 7 June, the coloured powder coating was washed off via a pressure washer.

Monday 9 June, the crack control joints were sealed and the sealer was applied to the concrete.

We had to wait a week after the concrete was laid before we could park a vehicle on the driveway to allow time for the concrete to fully set, so Friday 13 June (a lucky day if ever there was one), the driveway was back in use.

Additional Notes:
There is a choice of metal or black plastic ACO drainage channel gratings, I would recommend the black plastic, I have seen many of the metal gratings bent and misshapen with constant vehicular use over time.

The sealer has a strong odour until its dry, keep your windows shut and advise your neighbours likewise, the sealer shine does fade and settles down after a couple of weeks after application.

I read as much as I could on PIC (Patten Imprinted Concrete), finding a very good informative website paving expert.com written by (Tony) A J McCormack & Son. The main thing I learnt with regard to PIC was, “Not if it cracks but when it cracks”. You may wonder why I have mentioned this fact and why did we still go ahead with the work knowing that. Our home was built over 40 years ago and the concrete had never been replaced in all that time, it had cracks in it and we accepted that when we purchased the home 17 years ago, though I don’t think the neighbours tree roots helped either.

I would recommend Colourcrete, we are very happy with the choices we made, as in the colour, pattern, design layout and the company we chose, we do not regret having our concrete work done with Colourcrete. I’m sure we could have had a cheaper job done elsewhere but you do get what you’ve paid for in life, if you want the best, you’ll have to pay for it.
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