Yell Messaging Terms & Conditions

U. YELL MESSAGING Yell Messaging enables you to communicate with prospective customers through messages




  1. Definitions

    Apple Business Chat means the services, program or Apple Business Chat materials that are made available through Yell, including any Updates (if any) that may be provided to You by Apple.


    Apple Business Register means the Apple website, which contains certain Apple Services, located at and all associated sites linked to by Apple.


    Apple Service(s) means the features, services, integrations, products or programs that Apple may provide or make available through Apple Business Register and any updates thereto, including the tools that enable organizations to subscribe to and set up accounts and manage said items.


    Consumer means Customers of businesses. A consumer is the primary user who initiates the conversation via messaging.


    MSP means Messaging Service Provider, a system that facilitates the exchange of Apple Business Chat Messages.


    Message means a message that is received or sent by You using Yell Messaging.


    Updates means bug fixes, updates, upgrades, modifications, enhancements, supplements, and new releases or versions of any part of Apple Business Chat.


  3. Capitalised terms in these Messaging Service Rules shall have the same meaning as set out in the Conditions.


  5. The Agreement shall become binding upon your acceptance of these Yell Messaging Service Rules in the Yell for Business App.


  7. Unless it is terminated earlier in accordance with these Conditions, the Agreement shall continue unless and until you cease using Yell Messaging. If you cease using Yell Messaging and you subsequently wish to use it again, a new Agreement may be required.

  9. For the purposes of these Conditions Yell Massaging shall be a Beta Service unless specified otherwise. We shall endeavour to make Yell Messaging available to you but shall not be liable for any unavailability.

  11. Where you are eligible, Yell Messaging will be available to you via the Yell for Business app.

  13. You must not use Yell Messaging:


    1. for any unlawful purpose;

    3. to harm, threaten, abuse or harass another person, or in a way that invades someone’s privacy or is (in our reasonable opinion) offensive or is unacceptable or damaging to us or any other company within our group of companies;

    5. as a source of contact data for any kind of marketing activity outside of Yell Messaging;

    7. in a way that affects how it is run; and

    9. in a way that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionably large burden on our communications and technical systems as determined by us

  15. If you receive a Message that you believe does not comply with the requirements set out in paragraph 7 above, please notify us immediately. We will review the Message and take such action as we deem appropriate.

  17. The Consumer experience is critical to Yell Messaging therefore when creating your Yell Messaging account, you will be required to select a Message response service level. Where you fail to respond to a Message from a Consumer within this service level, we may pass that Message to one of our other customers to reply to the Consumer. We may amend the service level parameters available in the Yell for Business app at any time without liability.

  19. Yell partners with an approved Apple MSP to provide Yell Messaging. As part of Yell Messaging, you may be permitted access to Apple Business Chat. By accessing Apple Business Chat:


    1. you agree to be bound by the Apple Business Register Terms of Use, including but not limited to Attachment 1 Service Terms for Business Chat Beta available at as amended from time to time; and

    3. you confirm that your business complies with the Apple Business Chat Policies including the prohibited list of product categories available at as amended from time to time.

  21. You acknowledge that we have no control over the Apple Business Register Terms of Use and/or the Apple Business Chat Policies.

  23. Apple reserves the right to not provide (or to cease providing) Apple Business Chat to you at any time in its sole discretion.

  25. You understand and agree that Yell and Apple may share your information with each other to enable us to provide Yell Messaging.

  27. You shall hold us harmless against any claim arising in circumstances where we have undertaken actions on Your behalf in relation to providing or administering Apple Business Chat, sending or receiving Messages or other activities under these Yell Messaging Services Rules.

  29. You use Yell Messaging at your own risk.

  31. Yell reserves the right to suspend, not provide or to cease providing Yell Messaging to you at any time in its sole discretion. Where we suspend or cease your access to Yell Messaging, you must not create another account without our permission.

Last Updated: 29 May 2020