Clever new self-watering plant pot takes care of plants for you

14 April 2022 – 1 Minute Read

Have you ever managed to kill a supposedly low-maintenance house plant? Left leaves without food for so long they dry to a crisp? How about discovering flooded soil tinged with the creeping advance of mould?

Well, step away from the watering can – a new self-watering plant pot from Dutch homeware designers Studio Lorier could just be the thing to help you finally develop a green thumb.

The Natural Balance plant pot features a hidden water reservoir made from earthenware, which stores up just over 600ml of water and lets it out whenever the plant most needs it. The reservoir can keep soil hydrated for up to 28 days and when it needs water, the pot tips sideways, letting you know it’s time to fill it up again.

That means no more soaked soil and no more bone dry plants.

Image via Studio Lorier

The plant pot is suitable for any plant, herb, cactus or succulent. It also comes in a trio of Instagram-friendly matt shades – cool grey, mint green and pastel pink. So as well as being full of useful technology, it also looks good enough to take pride of place on your window ledge.

Where do I get one?

Studio Lorier is running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the pot, set to ship in April 2017. For delivery to the UK, The Natural Balance plant pot is €47 (£39 approx).  Find out more on .

Plant it

Find beautiful plants and shrubs to put in your self-watering plant pot at garden centres near you .

Main image via Studio Lorier .