Spring home maintenance checklist

14 May 2024 – 3 Minute Read

Spring is officially here, and with it comes brighter weather, longer days and, hopefully, more energy for a household clear out. Find out how to declutter, spring clean and make sure your home is still in good condition after winter with our list of the must-do spring home maintenance and housekeeping jobs to tackle.

Inspect the exterior of your home

On a dry day, take a walk around your property and carry out an exterior inspection of your roof, chimney and window frames. Look out for any damage caused by winter’s strong winds or frost – particularly cracked or missing tiles, gaps or chips in your chimney, water stains or damaged weather seals. By looking out for small issues now, you can treat them early and prevent leaks, cracks or much more serious damage.

Find a local roofer to help with any issues you spot.

Chimneys often get battered by strong winds in winter, which can lead to cracks or water leaks. If you spot any notches, it’s best to consider treating your chimney with a waterproof joint sealant. If you’re not comfortable climbing up to the roof, find a chimney repairs specialist in your area to tackle the job for you.

Window cleaning

Now we’ve got more daylight, it’s time to get rid of any streaks or rain build-up on your windows and let the light back into your home. If you’re tackling the windows yourself, clean them with a soft cloth and a gentle shop-bought window cleaning fluid, or make your own from white vinegar (1/4 bottle), a teaspoon washing up liquid and warm water (3/4 bottle) in a spray bottle.

Alternatively, use Yell.com to hire a window cleaner near you to do all the hard work.

Clear out the guttering

removal of leaves from gutter

Pull out the last clumps of fallen autumn leaves in your gutters and drainpipes to prevent puddles and water damage. Run a hose across the roof to check for suitable drainage. If you spot any leaks, close these up with a waterproof sealant, or find a garden maintenance team who can do this for you.

Have a spring clean

Yes, it’s a cliché, but spring really is the best time to throw open your newly-cleaned windows, banish the dust and bring in the fresh air with a good old traditional spring clean. While you’re full of spring energy, tick off all these annual household jobs and rid your home of all the clutter:

  • Vacuum and shampoo carpets or rugs

  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces and walls, particularly bookshelves

  • Launder or dry clean cushion covers, duvets and pillowcases

  • Polish wooden furniture

  • Clear out the winter clutter – put all your winter coats and jumpers in storage or vacuum-sealed bags under a bed.

Find a local cleaner to tackle your home’s spring clean.

Deep clean your kitchen appliances

Ok, we know this one sounds like a big chore, but a regular clean of all your kitchen appliances can prevent build up that can lead to faults or costly repairs.

Fridge freezer

Start with the fridge freezer: remove all the food and wipe down the walls and doors from any spills or food build up. Take out all the shelves or drawers and wash them with warm water and washing up liquid.

As you put all the food back, check the dates on your condiments and sauces. Get rid of any suspicious looking jars or long-expired frozen leftovers. Defrost the freezer if you notice a build-up of ice around the top shelf.

Dishwasher and washing machine

Your washing machine and dishwasher also need a deep clean to prevent musty smells or build up of bacteria. For dishwashers: remove and clean the filter and any insert trays or cutlery holders. Then give the whole thing a wipe down, particularly the edges, to remove any dirty patches.

For your washing machine: check the drain filter, rubber seals and the door. Give all a good clean. Check your connection points to make sure there’s no potential problems leaks on the horizon. Finally, clean out the inside of the machine. Put a dedicated washing machine cleaner liquid or one cap of diluted bleach into the drawer and run your empty machine on a 60 °C wash. Afterwards, leave the door open to prevent bacteria or build up of mould.

The oven

It’s also especially important to give your oven a regular deep clean. According to the Fire Safety Advice Centre a build-up of fat or grease in an oven can ignite a fire. Remove all the shelves to soak and clean the interior with a dedicated oven cleaning fluid.

Find an oven cleaning expert near you to banish the grime without the effort.