Mobile dog grooming vs salons: which should you choose?

15 February 2024 – 3 Minute Read

older female dog owner handing over small brown dog to professional

When it comes to getting your dog groomed, you have two choices: dog grooming salons or mobile dog groomers. Both options have their advantages, so let's compare them and see what works for you.

Comparing salons and mobile dog groomers

The RSPCA tells us that regular, professional grooming consistently leads to happier and healthier dogs . There are many factors dog owners need to consider before picking a professional grooming service. Let’s start exploring them.

Your dog’s comfort

Professional dog grooming improves health and happiness. But making sure your dog has a positive experience matters too.

If your dog gets anxious easily, a mobile dog groomer might be a good fit. No other dogs will be present, resulting in a relaxed atmosphere.

In a salon, there are often other dogs around, which can be overwhelming for some dogs. With a mobile groomer, your dog can enjoy a tranquil, one-to-one experience.

Is it convenient?

Next, let's consider convenience.

Mobile dog grooming offers real flexibility since the groomer comes directly to your home. You don't have to take your dog anywhere or wait around in public for hours. You can even take care of other chores while your dog is being groomed.

Salons, on the other hand, require you to bring your dog to them and wait for the grooming to be completed. If your schedule is already packed, that’s a problem.

How much will it cost?

For many customers, cost is a major concern.

In general, dog grooming salons boast lower prices compared to mobile dog groomers. This is because mobile groomers have additional costs to consider. Travel time, fuel, and maintaining grooming vans typically lead to steeper prices.

Of course, costs will vary by location and the services you need. That’s the case whether you choose a grooming parlour or a mobile professional groomer.

What about the facilities?

What type of facilities will your dog experience?

Grooming salons are fully equipped with all the tools needed for almost any treatment. Some even have air conditioning to keep your dog cool during hotter months.

Mobile groomers have more limited space and might struggle to handle larger dogs, but that’s not always the case. Mobile dog grooming services can still provide a great grooming experience for most dogs.

Which grooming services are available?

Lastly, let's consider the services provided.

Grooming salons are likely to offer a complete range of services. Usually, that includes trimming and styling both long and short-hair dog coats, nail trimming, teeth cleaning, and blow drying.

Mobile groomers sometimes have simpler packages, due to more limited facilities. Again, though, these businesses are still more than capable of grooming your dog.

Can you groom your dog without help?

While it's possible to groom your dog without professional help, it isn't always a good idea.

Shirelle Moore, a dog grooming expert based at Wright Scruffs says, “If owners are confident to cut nails, clean ears, and maintain their dog’s coat, great. However, groomers are there for the owners who are not confident grooming their beloved pet for fear of hurting them."

Accidents might not happen during every at-home grooming session, but even occasional mistakes are enough to put most dog owners off.

Shirelle adds, "It's always better to play safe and leave this to the expert, inevitably, you always find something that needs sorting, so it's better to have the right skills and tools to ensure this is sorted."

It is possible to do at-home treatment then, but if that's something you're planning, you need to be careful. Shirelle explains that you can always seek guidance from professionals through formal lessons.

"It’s worth considering some training if you’re keen to do this yourself, some groomers run workshops on a 1-1 basis, teaching owners how to groom their dog."

Decision time: choosing a dog groomer

Both dog grooming salons and mobile dog groomers can do a fantastic job for you.

Salons have better-equipped spaces and the most varied services. If you have a sociable, confident dog, browsing the top dog grooming salons near you could be the right call.

Mobile dog groomers provide unbeatable convenience and a stress-free experience for your dog. If you’re short on time or have a timid pet, they might be the better option.

Consider what suits your dog’s needs and your own preferences. From there, choosing from the best salons and mobile dog groomers near you is simple.