How long does house cleaning take?

31 January 2024 – 5 Minute Read

a cleaner wiping down a coffee table

For some homeowners and renters, it feels like domestic chores never end – but how long does cleaning a house actually take?

If it feels like you spend all your time doing chores, you're not alone. Both homeowners and renters enjoy a clean home, yet feel they don’t have time to maintain one.

But how long does it actually take to clean a house? And is it worth pouring all your energy into?

What are typical house cleaning tasks?

To get your house into a clean and comfortable condition, you’ll have to handle several chores.

In most homes, these are standard cleaning activities:

  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Wiping surfaces
  • Tidying away clutter
  • Removing rubbish and recycling
  • Washing dishes
  • Cleaning windows

This is not an exhaustive cleaning checklist but should offer a sense of the chores needed to keep a home clean from one week to the next.

Individually, these activities shouldn’t take too long. Together, it takes more time, and that can really add up over weeks and months.

Of course, if you’re embarking on a deep or spring clean, this list starts to get longer. Neglected homes will need more attention, and that takes more time.

How long does house cleaning take?

According to a survey commissioned by Vax, the average Briton spends over four hours cleaning their home each week. Over the course of a year, that comes to 237 hours, or 10 days.

For an average adult lifespan, that means roughly two years will be spent just on domestic cleaning. That might sound like a lot – and it is.

The time needed for cleaning varies by property size. Whether you live in a one-bedroom flat or a four-bedroom house, you'll still need to dedicate several hours to this life admin.

The time needed for home cleaning also varies by your style of cleaning. For example, some professionals suggest cleaning room by room is less efficient, and that it’s better to stick to specific tasks – like dusting – as you move through each room.

Following domestic cleaning tips could cut down on your chore time, but it still might be worth exploring professional cleaning services instead.

How often should you clean your house?

If you want a tidy, hygienic home, regular cleaning is essential.

Dirt can build up surprisingly quickly, just from normal, everyday activities. To keep messiness at bay, there are some chores that needed to be completed daily, while others need to be done weekly or more sporadically.

Wiping surfaces, emptying rubbish bins, and cleaning up spills will happen daily, or on an as-needed basis. Vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning bathroom fittings can all be handled less frequently, around once per week.

Then there are deep cleaning activities, which you might handle every month or every few months. Oven cleaning, clearing out light fixtures, and window cleaning might all fit in this category.

Of course, these are general guidelines. In properties with more people or pets, cleaning might be required more often. If you live in a demanding property, keeping up can be challenging.

Is it worth hiring house cleaners?

Many homeowners and renters struggle to commit time to regular cleaning, and this can lead to unpleasant living situations. Unfortunately, cleaning your property every so often isn’t enough to maintain a habitable property.

As previously mentioned, there are several chores that need to be handled daily and weekly. If you cannot commit the time or energy needed for these activities, hiring domestic cleaners might be the right choice.

What do home cleaners do?

A domestic cleaning service is capable of handling all your home cleaning needs.

Bringing their own cleaning products, these services will take on the chores that you have neither the time nor energy for.

You can ask cleaners to complete specific activities or clean certain rooms, depending on the state of your property.

If you hate vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning your bathrooms, a house cleaning service can take on these regular chores. When you need to deep clean your house, professional cleaners will do a great job at tackling the more demanding tasks too.

In short, the cleaning included in a service visit depends on your budget and the current state of your property.

How often should cleaners visit?

The type of cleaning that you need will determine how often a cleaner should visit.

Housekeeping-style service will require more frequent visits from a cleaning company, while larger tasks – spring cleaning, end-of-tenancy cleaning, and so on – are carried out less often.

How often you hire a cleaner will also depend on the chores that you complete between each of their visits. If you’re proactive, the chances are that you’ll only need professional help occasionally.

How long does professional house cleaning take?

You already know that it takes quite a while to complete a full house cleaning.

Yet, you can expect a professional cleaning service to finish the same work in less time. How long might that take, exactly? There’s no simple answer.

Again, it comes down to circumstances. How large is the property? What cleaning activities need to be done? What is the current level of cleanliness in the building?

These questions must be answered for an accurate picture, but, generally, an average two or three-bedroom house can be cleaned in three to four hours. If a deep clean is required, that obviously takes longer.

Should you clean your house yourself?

Unless you have a live-in maid, you’ll have to handle some cleaning on your own. If you have the time, tackling light, day-to-day cleaning is prudent.

Most people, however, would benefit from a professional cleaning service. Generally, domestic cleaners provide a practical, affordable solution to cleaning conundrums.

Given an average person spends four hours cleaning their home each week, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it falls by the wayside at times. By hiring a cleaning service, you can save time and energy, and still keep a comfortable home.

If you’re interested in lightening the load through professionals, start by browsing the best local cleaners near you . Ensure you're making an informed decision by learning everything you need to know about hiring cleaners in your area.