Autumn home maintenance guide

14 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

The start of autumn is the best time of year to take care of all the household maintenance chores to prep your home before winter bites. Tick off all these autumn home maintenance jobs, DIY repairs and gardening tasks in September, October or November and make sure your home is winter proof this season.

Store your outdoor furniture

Once the warmer weather is over, it’s a good idea to store your barbecue and patio or decking furniture out of the rain to keep them looking their best for next summer. Make sure to give your barbecue grill a deep clean and wipe down, before placing it under a cover or in a dry shed or garage.

Wipe down all your furniture. If you don’t have space to bring it inside during the winter, make sure to invest in a good, waterproof furniture cover. You can also put it up on bricks away from wet grass.

Replace outdoor lighting

Make sure you don’t get trapped in the dark this winter by replacing any old outdoor light bulbs now, especially any by steps or entryways.

Clean out your gutters

As autumn leaves fall they can clog gutters and drainpipes on your property. Prevent puddles of water and damage to your roof by grabbing a ladder and cleaning out all the dead leaves from your gutters. If you don’t like the sound of climbing up to the roof, you could always hire a garden maintenance team to help.

Turn your garden’s fallen leaves into compost

Once you’ve collected all those fallen leaves, don’t just ditch them. Turn them in to a free garden mulch with our guide to making leaf mould . Dropped autumn foliage is a great, free, source of nutrients for the soil. Try it yourself and you could be adding a rich mulch to vegetable gardens or flower beds next spring.

Store garden hoses and turn off your outside taps

Before the weather turns cold, prevent your pipes from freezing by turning off the water to any outside taps. Disconnect your garden hose after you’ve finished your final water of the lawn. Drain it of residue water and store in a garden shed or garage.

Schedule a chimney clean

According to HETAS, the government-approved heating registration body, there were over 5,000 avoidable chimney fires in the UK in 2015. For those with open fires, make sure your home isn’t equally at risk by getting your chimney swept and cleaned regularly. Look for a HETAS-certified chimney sweep to carry this out. Autumn is one of the most important times to cross this off your to-do list to ensure everything is safe before turn on the fire for winter. Find a chimney sweep near you with

Bleed your radiators

Air can get trapped in your radiators over time, which can lead to cold spots and reduce energy efficiency. Make sure your heaters are keeping warm all over by bleeding the radiators to get the air out.

Find out how to bleed your radiators with our step by step guide .

Get expert help Find maintenance services or a handyman near you to take care of these jobs for you.