Wedding Photographers

1 April 2022 – 3 Minute Read

What makes a good wedding photographer?

A good wedding photographer should put you at ease, be open to your ideas and understand what you want from your wedding photos. A good photographer will understand your style and expectations, whether you want traditional posed photographs or something more natural and casual. They will also be supportive and encouraging, and their experience as a wedding photographer will ensure they are sensitive to different family dynamics.

How long should you hire a wedding photographer for?

You should expect to hire a wedding photographer for around 6 to 8 hours. How long you hire a wedding photographer can vary considerably depending on how many photos you want, the style of photography you require, the scale of your wedding and your budget.

What to ask a wedding photographer?

Ask a wedding photographer how long they envisage being with you on the day and if there will be a second photographer. You should also check how many photographs they plan to take and what format you will get the images. Make sure you get the wedding photographer to confirm everything included in your package in writing.

What to expect from a wedding photographer?

You can expect a wedding photographer to meet with you to discuss their services and your expectations for your wedding day photography. A wedding photographer should discuss the different packages available and put together an agreed plan, along with the costs of what photography you will be having on the day.

How to pick a wedding photographer?

To pick a wedding photographer, it is a good idea to check on and arrange to meet at least 3 to compare photography styles, prices and services on offer. Also, have a good look at their portfolio as well as read testimonials and reviews to discover other people's experiences. Decide who you think best understands what you want and is someone that will put you and your guests at ease.

How to hire a wedding photographer?

To hire a wedding photographer, you should confirm your budget, have a good understanding of what you want as well as meet and book your photographer well in advance of your big day. Good wedding photographers can often get booked up quickly. That is why you should arrange to meet the photographer early in the wedding planning process. Once you have picked a photographer, you will need to confirm the date with them and what you want from your wedding photography.

How much is a wedding photographer?

A wedding photographer can cost anything from £1,500 to £3,500 or more. How much you can expect to pay a wedding photographer varies considerably depending on the location, the experience of the photographer and the photography package you have chosen. For larger weddings, some in-demand photographers working with more demanding clients can charge up to £30,000.

Do you pay a wedding photographer upfront?

You will typically pay a wedding photographer a fee upfront to reserve them for your specific date. Depending on the wedding photographer's terms, you may be required to pay between 10% and 50% of your total bill in advance to secure the date. You will pay the rest of the cost after the wedding.

Do you tip a wedding photographer?

You are not obliged to tip a wedding photographer. Your wedding photographer will not expect you to give them a tip. However, people who do like to tip their wedding photographer usually give around 10% of the total cost.