Water Garden Services

11 October 2023 – 3 Minute Read

How deep should a pond be?

If you intend to put plants and fish in your bond, you should aim to make your pond at least 60 cm deep. If it becomes any shallower than that, you run the risk that it will either freeze over in winter or simply evaporate in the summer during a spell of sustained hot weather.

How much pond liner do I need?

The amount of pond liner you need can be easily calculated by measuring your pond accurately. The amount of pond liner you need needs to be either twice the depth plus the width, or twice the depth plus the length of your pond. You will likely find that as pond liner is sold on standard sized rolls, you will have to buy more liner than you need to accommodate a very deep pond or one that is lengthy.

How much water is in my pond?

Figuring out the amount of water you need in your pond is down to calculating the volume of liquid your bond can hold in total. To do that, you need to measure the width of your pond, as well as its length and depth. Times all three numbers together by 1000 and you'll come to the amount of water the pond can hold in litres. However, once you start adding fish or pumps or plants to your pond, it will reduce the amount of water the pond can have in it.

How do you clean pond water?

Cleaning pond water can be done either by using a net to take off sludge off the top, or even a pond vacuum which can help clear muck from the bottom of the bond. Otherwise, you need to work on filtering your pond and cleaning your filter regularly so that water can flow in and out of it freely ensuring the correct oxygen levels in the water too. Most of us don’t have a lot of time or expertise to do this ourselves, so you also have the option of using ‘pond cleaning services’, just search on Yell.com to find services in your local area.

How to calculate pond volume?

Calculating pond volume is the same as figuring out how much water your pond can hold. Simply times the width by the depth by the length and then times that number by 1000 to get the number of litres the pond can hold.

How to drain a pond?

There are several ways to drain a pond, but perhaps the quickest and easiest is to use a pond pump with your hose attached. Other options would be simple to use buckets, but that can be a long and lengthy process if you have a large pond. Even more so if you have fish in it. Using a pond pump with a hose also means you can use the nutrient rich water to water your plants.

Do ponds need filters?

Strictly speaking, ponds do not always need filters if you are able to create the same filtration effect with the amount of planting you have. This is tricky to achieve however, so if you are installing a pond to have fish, it’s helpful to install a filter too.

How to install a pond liner?

Installing a pond liner properly so that it does not tear is crucial. The key is to prep the area as best as you can making it as smooth as possible before laying pond liner underlay and then your pond liner on top. Wetting the underlay can help when you install it, and it will help protect the liner itself. Pull it as taut as possible when over the underlay. Then, put rocks in a few places so that you can then start to fill the pond. The rocks will keep the liner from moving.

How much does a small pond cost?

A small pond can cost an average of £280. However, that can increase depending on how deep you make it and therefore the amount of underlay and liner you require.