Washing Machine Repairs

11 October 2023 – 2 Minute Read

How much is washing machine repair?

A washing machine repair can cost anywhere from sixty to three hundred pounds , including labour and parts. If the motor or drum need to be replaced, then the job will be expensive. If you are looking at a new drum seal, then it will not.

Is it worth repairing a 15-year-old washing machine?

This is a question whose answer depends on the cost of repair, and the cost of a replacement. In general, washing machines have a minimum statutory warranty of two years, but in practice, these are likely to go up to ten years, in compliance with a recent EU regulation. As such, a fifteen-year-old machine is typically ready for replacement.

Who repairs washing machines?

You can either get in touch with a local handyperson to carry out the repair, or you can contact the manufacturer. If you want to get the work done while the machine is under warranty, then the latter option is preferable.

Can a washing machine control panel be repaired?

The control panel on many washing machines tends to be made from off-the-shelf components. As such, anyone proficient in electronics repair should be able to fix a broken panel. If the faulty part turns out to be something that is no longer available, then the cost of the repair will be accordingly higher.

Can you repair the washing machine door seal?

The door seal on a washing machine tends to be the easiest thing to repair. It is a compressible strip of plastic, which over time will degrade. When this happens, leaks are inevitable. Provided a replacement can be found, a competent repair person should be able to handle it easily.

How much is a washing machine repair callout?

You might expect to pay between fifty and a hundred pounds for a callout for washing machine repair, depending on where in the UK you are.

Is it worth repairing a washing machine drum?

In many cases, it is easier to replace a washing machine’s drum than it is to replace the whole machine. This goes especially if the repair would cost less than half of the price of a replacement appliance.

Is my landlord responsible for washing machine repair?

If your appliances belong to you, then you are responsible for looking after them. If your landlord has provided them, on the other hand, then they can usually be compelled to pay for repairs. This may be covered in your tenancy agreement, so be sure to check it.

If you feel that you have a case, but you cannot live without a washing machine, then you might elect to pay for a repair and then get the money from your landlord later, but be aware of the risks when considering this. You will need to document the damage fully, get a reasonable quote from a qualified repairperson, and provide your landlord with plenty of notice of your intentions. In many cases, this puts the landlord beyond the reach of the tenant.