11 October 2023 – 2 Minute Read

How much does it cost to fit tyres?

The overall cost of fitting and balancing new tyres depends on the quality of tyre you choose and the size of tyre you need. If calculated on a per-tyre basis, the general cost of an everyday tyre is £41.50 . Many garages will quote you for tyre costs including fitting and any extras you ask for.

How long does it take to fit a tyre?

Generally speaking, it should not take longer than 30 minutes to change an individual tyre. The time a garage takes to fit tyres will however depend on how many tyres are being fitted, how busy mechanics are, and the type and size of vehicle being worked on. The fitting process is not the same for every type of vehicle, and some tyres may take longer to fit.

How are car tyres fitted and where can I get them done?

Fitting new tyres to your car should always be done by a garage professional, who you can find in your area at Yell.com . As well as new tyres, you need technical equipment to fit tyres such as a car jack, tyre iron, jack stands, tyre spreader and tyre inflater. Fitting tyres is a time-consuming process and must be done properly to ensure safety. Balancing cannot be done in a home garage, and you should get a professional to do this.

When is the right time to fit winter tyres?

You should think about fitting winter tyres as soon as the temperature drops to below 7 Celsius on a daily basis. This is because winter tyres are designed for when the roads are colder and a lot more slippery. That said, they should not be confused with snow tyres, and do not have chains or studs on them. Winter tyres have more natural rubber in them, which will provide more traction and grip, even when the road is dry, at temperatures below 7 Celsius.

How much does it cost to fit motorcycle tyres in the UK?

For a standard UK motorcycle, fitting a tyre costs an average of £36 , which would typically include old tyre disposal, rubber valve and rebalancing. As with cars, the cost of the tyres may be higher depending on the quality and size you choose. Motorcycle wheels and tyres come in a variety of sizes and this will affect the cost. Many garages will include fitting if you pay for a tyre.

Is mobile tyre fitting any good?

Some tyre fitters offer fitting on a mobile basis, which can work out cheaper and prove convenient if you are on the move and do not have a spare or cannot fit a spare yourself. A mobile fitter may not have the specialist equipment or range of tyres that a specialist garage has, which should be considered when you decide where to have your tyres fitted. A cheaper tyre may not be the best one for your vehicle. Find the best tyre fitter for your car in your local area using Yell.com .