Tow Bars

11 October 2023 – 3 Minute Read

How much is a tow bar?

Towbars can be expensive depending on the type you choose and the vehicle you have. You can expect to pay anywhere from £300 to £1,000 including VAT for your tow bar, electrics and professional installation of the tow bar.

How much to get a tow bar fitted?

It is not possible to offer a fixed rate for towing bars since they vary according to the type of bar and the vehicle. Depending on the type of tow bar and your car model, labour can cost between £290 and £450. The electric kit is usually around £50 to £100.

How to take the tow bar off a car?

Tow bars can be removed from a car by removing the bolts that hold it in place. You will often need to jack your car up and use a spanner to remove the bolts. If you are not confident doing this yourself, always enlist the help of a professional at a garage who can help you. Detachable tow bars may be better suited for those who need a tow bar to be disconnected more frequently.

Where to get a tow bar fitted near me?

If you are looking to get a tow bar fitted, visit to find garages near you offering the service in your area. While tow bars can be easy to fit, it is always best to get the required assistance to avoid damaging your car.

Can I fit a tow bar to my car?

It is not possible to just attach a tow bar to the vehicle, tow a trailer or caravan and hit the road. First, you need to ensure that the tow bar is compliant with EU regulations for its construction so that the part itself is road legal and safe.  Next, because some tow bars can be complicated to fit – fitters will need to take into consideration the height of the tow bar which is dependent on what you are towing, i.e. caravans are trailers are towed at different heights off the ground – it is always better to get a specialist or garage to fit your tow bar correctly.

What tow bar do I need?

There are many different tow bars which can make it difficult to identify which is best for your own car. Each comes with its advantages and of course, disadvantages. If you are looking for a tow bar that you can remove regularly, you may want to invest in a detachable flange tow bar that allows you to preserve ‘shins’. However, if you do not need to remove the tow bar often, a standard fixed swan neck tow bar could do the job. Most manufacturers of vehicles that are suitable for towing will either have their own tow bar which can be fitted, or they are able to recommend compatible tow bars for your vehicle. Of course, carry out the research needed to select the best tow bar for your own needs.

Can a tow bar be removed?

Yes, tow bars can be removed. You can get a folding plate that covers the electrical socket so there is no evidence there is a tow bar connected when not towing. Detachable tow bars are easy to use, remove and store, as well as having a safety lock so the neck cannot be removed.

How do tow bar bike racks work?

For tow bar racks, the bikes are locked to the rack with a clamp that tightens around the tow ball. The handle then locks the bike rack until the tow ball is locked.