Timber Merchants

11 October 2023 – 2 Minute Read

Where can I buy nice wood?

You can buy good quality wood from timber merchants. Timber merchants stock a far more extensive range of quality woods than your local DIY store. Some timber merchants stock as many as 40 different types of hardwoods, including some exotic timbers. Timber merchants can supply everything from high-quality softwoods like western red cedar, calibrated timber, rough sawn timber and hardwoods planed to size. They also stock oak timber and other quality hardwoods such as maple, beech, cherry, ash and walnut. Check Yell.com for details of your nearest timber merchant.

What is the best outdoor timber?

Woods such as cedar, black walnut, balau timber and European oak are very resistant to the outdoors. You'll find that a lot of timber for outdoor use is chemically treated to prevent rot. But some woods, such as good quality outdoor timber, have a natural rot resistance. This means the timber can be used outdoors successfully in all weathers, without any chemical treatment. Most hardwoods will change colour when used outside and will need regular maintenance. For a hardwood to keep as much of its natural colour and grain characteristics as possible, you can apply an exterior grade finish to the wood.

What is the cheapest hardwood in the UK?

One of the cheaper hardwoods in the UK is poplar or tulipwood. Poplar is one of the least expensive hardwoods. It is not the most attractive of woods, so it is rarely used for fine furniture or where the wood is visible. When the wood is used for furniture, it is nearly always painted to disguise its appearance. Poplar is more frequently used for drawers in cupboards and cabinets because it is an inexpensive and stable wood to use, but such uses mean it is not on show.

Do timber merchants cut wood to size?

Yes, timber merchants will cut wood to the size you require. If you are working on a project that needs wood cut to size, timber merchants provide a made-to-measure timber cutting service. Timber merchants will use professional cutting equipment to cut both softwood and hardwood to size. They will often cut the wood a little over to make sure customers have what they need.

Do timber merchants' markings disappear?

Yes, timber merchant markings will eventually disappear. Timber merchants make marks on the wood to help them know where to cut or record the length and width of a piece of wood. These markings will eventually wear away over time or can be removed, painted, or varnished over.

How much is timber from a merchant?

Timber from a merchant can cost £50 to £75 per tonne for roadside firewood or between £18 and £60 per tonne for softwood sawlogs. The cost of timber from a merchant can vary considerably depending on several factors, such as where you are in the UK, the size of the timber merchants, the amount and variety of timber they stock and of course, the size, type and quality of wood you wish to buy.