Telecommunication Engineers

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What services do telecommunication engineers offer?

The services telecommunication engineers offer include installing, testing and repairing digital TV, satellite and fibre optic systems, mobile, broadband, and landline phone networks. A telecommunication engineer can work inside or outside, either at a client's home or business, setting up mobile and fixed communications and data networks and repair lines and equipment on mobile masts. They also find and fix faults and laying and testing underfloor and underground cabling. Telecommunication engineers often work for mobile phone and cable companies, telephone and business network providers and digital and satellite TV companies. Many also work in the gas and oil industry and railway signal engineering.

What to look for when hiring a telecommunication engineer?

When hiring a telecommunication engineer, you need to look for excellent communication and customer service skills and good technical ability, knowledge and experience. A telecommunication engineer should also have a good understanding and experience working with different networks, organisation skills, and health and safety awareness. While a telecommunication engineer will typically work nine-to-five, Monday to Friday, they will also need to be flexible when meeting project delivery targets or travelling to different locations. They should also be transparent about the work that is required, the timescales and the costs involved.

What should a telecommunication engineer know?

A telecommunication engineer should know about broadcasting and telecommunications, including computer operating systems, hardware and software. They will also be able to work with their hands and use a computer and software packages competently. Telecommunication engineers also need good analytical and problem-solving skills and have previously undertaken appropriate training such as apprenticeships, often through an employer's training scheme. They should also have good knowledge of health and safety.

How much does a telecommunication engineer cost?

A telecommunication engineer can cost from £75, and this price includes a call-out fee and the first hour . The price may then drop to £45 for the following hours. How much a telecommunication engineer costs will vary depending on the location, the engineer's level of training and experience, their area of specialism and the specific work they are required to do. The cost can also be affected by the company's size, whether you hire an independent, self-employed telecommunication engineer or someone working for a large national firm. In some cases, there may also be additional costs for travelling or out of hours work.

Where to find a telecommunication engineer?

You can find a telecommunication engineer on . By searching our extensive directory, you will find a telecommunication engineer in your local area. Each listing features details of the services provided and reviews and ratings from previous customers. It can also be helpful to ask friends, family and associates for recommendations of a reliable telecommunication engineer that they have used and been satisfied with. You can also check out other independent review sites to see what other people's experiences have been like of using the engineer and whether they sound like someone you would be happy to have in your home or business.