Swimming Pools

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

Are swimming pools safe?

Swimming pools are safe to use as long as there is a lifeguard on patrol and the swimming pool is well maintained. Swimming pools need to be cleaned regularly, for example, and checked for loose tiles either in the pool itself or changing rooms. As long as you treat a swimming pool with respect, you will be fine to use it.

How long is a swimming pool?

The average swimming pool in the UK is 25m long but Olympic pools, which are also popular, are 50m long. Some swimming baths will have a specialised baby pool which are often around 10m in length and are a shallow depth throughout.

Can babies go in swimming pools?

Babies can go in swimming pools but you may find that your baby is happiest in a specialised baby pool. Specialised baby pools, sometimes referred to as a teaching pool, are often a few degrees warmer in temperature making them better for children who get cold more easily. Plus, they are often smaller and shallower making it easier for teachers and parents to teach children to swim as well as providing small children with an environment that they can gain confidence in.

How many lanes are there in a swimming pool?

Commonly a swimming pool will have enough space for 3-4 lanes. However, bigger Olympic pools which are much wider may even go as wide as to be able to fit in 8 lanes. Leisure pools are likely to make their lanes a little wider too to allow for swimmers doing lengths to easily overtake one another if need be. Lane swimming is often delineated as having a fast, medium and slow lane.

How to swim laps in a small pool?

Swimming laps in a small pool can be frustrating as they sometimes are too small to give you a long enough length to get your heart rate up. To get round that issue, it is beneficial not to push off at each end and simply turn around and swim back.

Are swimming pools clean?

The best swimming pools are cleaned regularly and checked frequently for their chlorine levels. Chlorine is the chemical added to swimming pool water to keep it clean and clear. Also, swimming pools have filters to help take out any debris that may be floating around quickly.

Where is my nearest swimming pool?

Use Yell.com to find your nearest swimming pool. Some swimming pools have more facilities than others - for instance a teaching pool or even a flume or diving pool, while others will be very basic. Use Yell.com, along with its ratings, to find the pool that matches your requirements.

How much are swimming lessons?

Group swimming lessons cost an average of £7.50 and last 30 minutes. One to one sessions can cost a lot more and are usually an average of £66.

When should a child do swimming lessons without a parent in the pool?

As soon as a child can swim on their own for five meters, they could do a swimming lesson without a parent - especially if the lesson is in a teaching pool with a shallow depth. If you are in doubt or at all concerned, ask for advice directly from the instructor.