Swimming Lessons

11 October 2023 – 3 Minute Read

How much are swimming lessons?

Group swimming lessons are often bought in bundles or terms. While group swimming lessons are currently subject to Covid restrictions they should cost on average £7.50 a lesson. One to one sessions of 30 minutes will cost an average of £66 a class .

Can I use childcare vouchers for swimming lessons?

Depending on the swimming lesson provider, it is possible to use childcare vouchers for swimming lessons. However, you would have to ask your potential swim school directly to be certain.

How long should swimming lessons last?

Swimming lessons will usually last about half an hour. On top of that you need to factor in getting dressed on either side of the lesson itself as well as any time needed for showering. Some lessons may run to an hour, though this is more likely for older children who are stronger and able to swim more competently.

How many swimming lessons do I need?

The number of swimming lessons you need will solely depend on what you are seeking to achieve as your end result. For children learning to swim, a handful of lessons is often all that is needed to start swimming five to ten meters. However, some children will need to have several more - which is often just a confidence issue. For those looking just to improve their technique, the amount of lessons they need could be continuous.

What age to start swim lessons?

When it comes to swimming lessons, the younger the better. Starting children as young as possible in the swimming pool helps improve their confidence no end and teaches them not to fear the water from the outset.

Where can I take swimming lessons near me?

Use Yell.com to find swimming lessons near you that suit your needs. Some swimming pools may provide cheap group lessons, while others provide one on one training sessions that you may need.

Are infant swim lessons worth it?

Infant swimming lessons are usually worth it - particularly if you go regularly enough. The reason being is that children need the consistent, frequent practice to build on their knowledge that they gained in the previous week. It also teaches them good habits from the start that will help them become stronger and stronger swimmers.

How to dress a baby for swimming lessons?

Babies need a swimming nappy for swimming lessons. Other than that, the choice is down to the parent. They can get quite cold quite quickly - despite higher temperatures in baby pools, so it can be good to put them in a longer sleeved rashie sometimes too in addition to a swimming costume.

When do you start swimming lessons for babies?

Baby swimming lessons can start within the first year. Obviously the best time to start them is when they have a little understanding of following instructions so they can do as their teacher asks them. Baby and toddler sessions are often about using play to learn, but to get the most out of the sessions they do need to be able to respond a little to the teacher.

How many levels are in swimming lessons?

Different swim schools follow different structures and curriculum for their lessons which results in different levels. A commonly followed structure is from Swim England which has 7 levels to follow. Sometimes swimming lesson companies need non swimmers to complete a couple of pre learning certificates before moving up to the first level.