11 October 2023 – 3 Minute Read

How Much Do Moving Companies Charge For Storage?

Moving companies charge from £250 to 450 for storage for two weeks, based on a two-bedroom house. Many factors impact the cost of storage from a removal company, including how long you need storage for, how much space you need and whether you want additional services, like furniture assembly and removal. Some removal companies will offer discounts for long-term storage, while others charge on a weekly or monthly basis.

Do Storage Companies Collect?

Yes, most storage companies offer a collection service. Some storage companies will charge an additional fee to collect your belongings, while others offer it for free or it is included in the storage cost. As well as the collection, storage companies also provide return delivery, if required.

Do Storage Companies Come With Their Own Removal Men?

Some storage companies come with their own removal men, while others will use a separate removal service. You will often have the choice of using your storage company’s removal service or sourcing your own for delivering and collecting your stored belongings. Storage companies with removal men will be able to pack your contents at the storage facility on your behalf and unpack it when you are ready.

How Much Is Self-Storage?

The average price for self-storage is . This is for storage space only and no additional services, such as removals, collection or delivery. The price of self-storage will vary depending on location, duration, storage facility size and other services.

How to Pack a Self-Storage Unit?

To pack a self-storage unit, you can either hire a removal company to help you or do it yourself. You should make a list and photograph all items going into storage so you have a complete record before you pack everything. Pack items in robust, uniform-size boxes for easy stacking. Disassemble furniture and pack bulky items first to make the most of your space.

Why Do People Use Self Storage?

There are many reasons why people use self storage, including moving house, clearing out their home, property renovations, relocating offices, taking time out to travel or working abroad. Everyone will have their own individual reasons for using self storage and self storage facilities can be used no matter what your circumstances are.

Can I Store A Car In A Self Storage Unit?

Yes, you can store a car in a self storage unit but there are a few things you need to think about first. You must find a storage unit that is the right size for your vehicle and ensure the unit you choose is suitable to get your vehicle into it. Some storage units are upstairs or in difficult-to-reach locations that would not be suitable for a car.

How Self Storage Works?

Self storage works by allowing customers to have a space to store their belongings for long or short periods of time. Choose a storage facility that is in a convenient location and has all the features you need. Make sure you select a storage unit that is an appropriate size for your belongings and arrange for your things to be delivered. You can use the storage unit for however long you have agreed with the facility.

Do Self Storage Have Electricity?

Some self storage units will have electricity while others will not. Generally, large units have electrical outlets but this is not always the case. Some self storage facilities will charge an additional fee for units with electricity.