1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

How much to rent horse stables? How much does horse livery cost?

Renting horse stables, sometimes called horse livery, can cost £ 20 a week for grass livery, or up to £150 a week for full livery. Stables and livery yards have various facilities available to those renting the space, including muck heaps, jumps, schooling yards and rack rooms. The cost of renting a livery or stable includes field maintenance so you do not have to handle this on top of the rent. Additional costs to consider when owning a horse are hay, straw, feed, farrier, dentist, vet bills and insurance.

Where are my nearest stables?

There are horse stables all over the country, and your nearest stables can be found by searching online directories like Yell . You can search for your nearest stables by postcode and see details about each livery yard, as well as reviews from existing customers and contact details. It is always best to choose a stable that is nearby to your home, so you can easily tend to your horses without travelling far.

How much do horse stables cost?

Another option for housing your horse is to purchase or build your own horse stables. Horse stables cost upwards of £2000 and the price will vary depending on the type of stables you want and the size. Investing in your own horse stables is a larger initial cost, but you will not have the cost of renting horse stables in the long term. To have your own stables built, you will need to have the land available which could be an additional cost to consider.

What is livery for horses?

Livery for horses is when a horse owner rents space in a privately owned stables for their horse to live. There are various different types of livery available, and livery stables vary a lot in both size and function. The majority of livery stables provide grazing paddocks, stabling and fresh water for the horses, and many have additional facilities such as schooling, jumps and horse walkers. Types of livery range from full livery to grass livery, where you are fully responsible for all aspects of care and the horse lives outside all year round.

What is full livery?

Full livery is a fully managed stable yard, where horses are completely looked after by the stables. Horse owners pay a premium for full livery and it often includes grooming, feeding, mucking out and exercise. Staff at the livery stable are responsible for caring for the horses, and the owners can come and go as they please. This is a popular option for horse owners who do not have the time to commit to handling every aspect of the animal’s care.

Do livery yards have to be licensed?

No, livery yards do not have to be licensed. Any livery stables which house and care for horses don’t require licensing, but some types of livery yards will do. Working livery, where you are hiring out the horses for hacking or riding lessons, may require a licence depending on your local authority.