Sound Equipment Systems

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

How many types of sound systems are there?

The amount of sound systems available out there will depend on who you ask - novices will be able to name a handful, while sound system geeks will attest that there are hundreds. As sound system actually refers to audio equipment, it is possible to name any audio which somehow uses sound in its processes as a sound system. That means microphones, CD players, amplifiers, loudspeakers and radio receivers are all types of sound system.

Where to hire sound equipment?

Use to find a sound equipment company near you or a company that offers the systems you need. is a brilliant tool to use when trying to find the best place to hire sound equipment as it lets you compare potential companies side-by-side quickly. You will be able to see immediately what certain equipment companies have available to hire and from there you can investigate their delivery service, as well as hire charges.

What types of sound equipment can I hire?

There is a wide range of sound equipment you can hire. While obvious examples would be a microphone and amp or speakers, sound equipment may also take into account any generators needed to run the sound equipment as well as electrical distribution. Many sound equipment companies will also have lighting equipment available to hire alongside their sound equipment, too. For those in want of a full system, the most common request to sound equipment hire companies will include speakers, an amp, CD decks and a microphone as a minimum.

How much to hire sound equipment?

Hiring out sound equipment will depend precisely on the company, how long you hire equipment for and what equipment you hire. However, you will probably find that microphone hire, for example, will not be cheaper than £15. A full system will be in the region of £175 . The other issue to remember is the deposit that sound equipment companies impose on hiring out their equipment. For the most part, you can expect this to be at least a 3-figure sum. However, if you are hiring equipment in the thousands of pounds, you may find that the company requires you to employ one of their technicians, too, to ensure that the equipment is set up and used properly. Often, this will come at an added cost though some firms may well include a technician’s day rate within their hire price.

How long can you hire sound equipment for?

Different companies will have different lengths of time that you can hire sound equipment for but a minimum is often a 24-hour period at least. The reason being is that it is difficult to deliver and set up sound equipment, and hires it long enough for its actual intended usage, for hire times to be anything under 24 hours. Many companies will encourage hiring out sound equipment for as long as possible; sometimes by using a sliding scale of per day rate the longer you hire it for.