Sheet Metal Work

31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

Where to buy sheet metal?

You can use to find places to buy sheet metal. Using the search function on the site can help you find the supplier you need with ease. The listings on will outline what exactly each supplier offers and any services they provide as an extra too. Importantly, not only helps you find the closest sheet metal supplier to you, but also easily highlights the suppliers that provide great customer service. Through customer reviews and ratings, past clients of sheet metal suppliers can leave their thoughts on the company - making it painless for you to choose a reputable firm to buy from.

How much does sheet metal work cost?

On average, you can expect to pay a sheet metal worker £11.20 an hour for their time. However, you will need to factor in the cost of the materials themselves into this price. The experience and expertise of the sheet metal worker may increase this to £16 an hour. Plus, not surprisingly, the cost of sheet metal work will be reliant not only on the processes required but also the metal itself. Harder metals are often more expensive to work with. Plus, more intricate products that require several processes to be finished will take more time and therefore more money to create.

What is sheet metal fabrication?

In short, sheet metal fabrication is when basic pieces of metal sheets are taken and formed into something else. More specifically, sheet metal fabrication is when metal sheets are made into a required shape through a variety of different processes. For that reason, sheet metal fabrication will cut metal or bend metal to a desired shape or size as well as treating the surface of the sheet metal so that it can be used for future needed purposes. Finally, it could be that fabrication of sheet metal includes assembling it to what is needed by customers and clients.

What is a sheet metal working process?

The sheet metal working process will refer to any method used to get the sheet metal into the form it is required to make a product. For that reason, sheet metal working processes can include welding, as well as cutting the sheet to size and bending it as required. Some products will also need to be rolled, punched, formed, or joined to get to the result. Depending on what is needed, many sheet metal working processes may be needed once to make just one product, while other products will simply require one or two until they are finished.

What are the types of sheet metal?

There are many different types of sheet metals available to purchase. Common sheet metals include copper, nickel, tin, brass, aluminium, and titanium as well as steel. However, more precious metals can be bought in sheet metal form which will be metals such as gold, platinum, and silver. This is not an exhaustive list however and whether your chosen sheet metal supplier will stock each one of these sheet metals is not always a given. The listings on should detail quickly whether they supply certain metals.