Sheds, Garden Buildings & Garages

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

Where to buy a shed?

You can buy a shed from specialist retailers on . Here you will find an extensive directory of shed retailers across the UK. While these companies sell a wide variety of sheds and garden buildings, many also provide cleaning, repair, fencing and decking services. Some companies also provide full delivery and installation. Contact the individual retailer for more information about what products and services they offer.

Is it cheaper to build a shed than buy one?

Sometimes it can be cheaper to build your own shed instead of buying one from a retailer. However, make sure you are comfortable doing the build yourself and have all the necessary tools and equipment required. Think about where you are going to source the material from, how you are going to assess the quality of your build and whether it will be worth your time and effort. Speak to a professional shed supplier to compare your options before you make a decision.

What are the best sheds to buy?

Most sheds come in three materials: wood, resin and vinyl. Resin or plastic sheds last for many years and are durable due to their rust-proof and weatherproof quality. They do not tend to look as nice as wooden sheds, however. Wooden sheds are also very strong if high-quality materials are used. Metal or vinyl sheds are durable but are prone to rust in wet or humid climates.

How much does a shed cost?

You can expect to pay between £450 to £1200 for an average wooden shed. The bigger shed you need and the higher the quality of materials, the more it will cost you.

How big can a garden building be without planning permission?

Without planning permission, garden buildings can not exceed 10m² and should not be positioned more than 20m from any wall of your house. Your garden building should also not exceed a height of 2.5m from ground level, and this includes its roof as well.

How much does a garden building cost?

The price of garden buildings can range anywhere from £850 to £20,000 and will depend on its size, whether you want it customised to your design, what kind of finishing and furnishing it requires and what material is used to build it.

How much does a garage cost?

You can expect to pay anything between £4,200 and £20,000 for a garage. This price usually includes the supply of all materials and the cost of labour required to build it. The size, quality of materials and finishing will play a part in determining the final cost of your garage.

Where to buy a garage

Take a look at garage builders and suppliers in your area by searching on Many have a direct number or email address you can use to contact them directly, and you can visit their website for more details on their garage service and products.