Refrigeration Engineers

1 April 2022 – 3 Minute Read

What services do refrigeration engineers offer?

Refrigeration engineers design, install, maintain and repair all types of commercial refrigeration and freezer systems. Refrigeration engineers are experienced at working with everything from drive-in cold rooms, bottle fridges, standard cold rooms and even blood banks. The engineers will install, maintain and fix faults with commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment used to store food and perishable goods at a constant low temperature.

How much do refrigerator engineers cost?

The cost of a refrigerator engineer can be anywhere between £77 and £445 . The cost of a refrigerator engineer varies depending on the job you have requested. For instance, to supply and fit a thermostat costs on average £77 to £110. Meanwhile, to replace the motor or defroster mechanism, you can expect to pay £80 to 150. When it comes to repairing a compressor, the average cost will be £325 to £445.

Do I need a refrigeration engineer?

You need a refrigeration engineer if you have a commercial refrigeration system that requires servicing, maintenance or repair. A refrigeration engineer is an experienced technician who can install, service, maintain, and repair your commercial refrigeration system to make sure it is always working effectively. A refrigeration engineer is a cost-effective way to keep your business running while also helping to improve safety and efficiency.

When to call a refrigeration engineer?

You should call a refrigeration engineer if any issues occur with your refrigeration system or equipment. You need to call a refrigeration engineer if:

  • your refrigeration unit is an old system that needs replacing
  • you spot puddles and leaks around the unit
  • the fridge's temperature is not consistent
  • you have noticed a rise in your electricity bills

If you rely on a commercial freezer or fridge for your business, you should call a refrigerator engineer as soon as possible when something goes wrong.

What is the difference between a refrigeration engineer and an air conditioning engineer?

Refrigeration engineers work with refrigeration equipment while air conditioning engineers focus on air conditioning systems. A refrigeration engineer will install, repair and maintain refrigeration equipment in commercial and industrial buildings. An air conditioning engineer installs, services and maintains equipment and systems that maintain a building's air quality, humidity and temperature.

How many refrigeration companies are there in the UK?

There are hundreds of refrigeration companies based throughout the UK. has an extensive directory of refrigeration companies across all areas of the UK offering refrigeration services.

Where to find a good refrigerator engineer?

You can find a good refrigerator Engineer in your local area on . If you know a local friend or family member who has recently used a refrigerator engineer and was satisfied with the service, you can also ask them for the engineer's details. It's always a good idea to get quotes from three refrigerator engineers before deciding which one to choose.

How to choose a refrigeration company?

When choosing a refrigeration company, you need to compare quotes from at least three companies and check they specialise in your refrigerator system and operate in your area. It is always an excellent idea to do plenty of research before selecting a refrigeration company. When looking to hire any tradesperson, it is often a good idea to check online for independent reviews from other customers to see their experiences of hiring a particular refrigerator engineer.